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December 2022 Trestleboard

From the East

Master Square By: Worshipful Steven R. Hood
Steven R. Hood

As we celebrate the holidays this month (be it Chanukah or Christmas, or something else), whether we may be traveling or welcoming family and friends into our homes, let us recall our obligations to one another. I trust you each have them recorded in your hearts; When stressors meet us in our travels, respond with patience and brotherly love.

As I sit and ponder this season, I am reminded of prior seasons and the journey to this place and time. In the last year, we welcomed some dozen new Brothers and their families into the Fraternity (some of whom have advanced in the Degrees and are preparing to serve the Lodge as officers). We are building stronger ties with our greater Masonic Family, and we are finding opportunities to serve our community and have more types of activities to enjoy the company of our Brothers. Our year is coming to a close.

The next couple of weeks bring us into the New Year. With that, tradition dictates that we frame resolutions to guide our actions into the next year. One of the resolutions we make should be a broader one to remember and fulfill our various obligations to our Brothers, Widows, families, and our communities. To reach our broader goal of a World in Harmony, our efforts need to be visible so that our communities may recognize the values we teach as motivating our brothers to achieve their full potential.

From the West

Wardens Level By: Steven A. Wolvek
Steven A. Wolvek

Thank you for the honor of electing me once again to sit in the East for 2023. The 2023 officers have had several meetings to formulate a long term vision for our Lodge. Our goal was a simple one: improving on how we deal with applicants, new members, conduct business, getting more community awareness, improving our communications with our members and widows, and creating more events to bring our families together. The details will be provided at installation. It is our goal to strengthen the bond between all of us and continue making our Lodge a beacon of light for others to emulate.

From the Secretary's Table

Secretary's Quills By: Stephen Wurtzel
Stephen Wurtzel

Office for lease. Approx. 200 sq ft

Wood floors, double pane windows, dedicated AC and heat. New led lights. Available January 1. Minimum 1 year lease. Sign space available.

Contact Steve Wurtzel,

Facility Manager.

Tech Forward


This month we combined the articles using artificial intelligence. Keeping in mind that in 2022, it is probably more accurate to say it is a form of advanced machine learning, but some might argue otherwise. Either way, this is what AI surmised this article is about: 

"As we celebrate the holidays this month, let us remember our obligations to one another and resolve to fulfill them in the new year. My goal as Master for 2023 is to strengthen the bond between us, improve our processes, get more community awareness, and create more events to bring our families together."

This month we also trialed an artificial intelligence platform to generate the artwork used as the main image for this Trestleboard. In Spanish, Conejo translates to "rabbit", which is why the Mr. Conejo Award has a small rabbit on top. The phrase that was fed into the algorithm was "Rabbit with sunglasses with oak trees in the background", for Conejo plus "Thousand Oaks", and sunglasses, because why not? What it output was pretty interesting, what do you think?

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