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November 2022 Trestleboard

From the East

Master Square By: Worshipful Steven R. Hood
Steven R. Hood

As we approach the end of the year, we have before us a number of opportunities to gather with our families, our friends, and our Brothers. As we count these opportunities and try to make sure everyone in our lives is included in our plans, we should also remember our obligations to all created beings, the high and low, the rich and poor. All are deserving of our regard, simply because we all are created equal by the same Creator, by whatever name we use in our devotions. I encourage all of you to take time to serve one another. Give of your time and treasure – Grand Lodge manages the Distressed Worthy Brother Fund for this purpose. 

This week, we also take time to thank our Creator and Provider for the safety and provision. I will not presume to lecture on the origins of the Thanksgiving holiday, but we still observe the day by spending time and sharing a meal with our cherished family and friends. Make room at your table for someone who would otherwise be alone and invite them to join your table. Let’s take time to remember our obligations to one another, and we’ll set the example for the world to follow towards harmony.

From the West

Wardens Level By: Steven A. Wolvek
Steven A. Wolvek

Brethren - I want to thank you for the honor if electing me to serve as Master for 2023. My priorities for the new year will be to schedule more family events, community events, and fun events for us all to enjoy together. I want to bring back into the Lodge our Brothers we have not seen as often as we would like. Some of the 2023 events planned are as follows: January 10 will be a Ceremony of Renewal led by Worshipful Frank Shapiro. Widows and Sweetheart celebrations—date to be determined. Open House to be held sometime in May Father's Day weekend - we are in the process of scheduling a degree at the Covina Homes in Destiny Lodge. August - burger for badges celebration for 1st responders. Other events we are scheduling: 

• Chili Cook-off 

• Wings over Camarillo 

• Dog Adoption 

• Conejo Valley Days 

• Rotary Street Fair Blood 

• Mamathon (diaper drive) 

• Bowling League / Bowling night 

• Camping Wine Tasting 

• Day at the Reagan Library 

• Las Vegas Trip 

• Day at a shooting range 

• Paint and Wine night 

• Paint Ball day 

• Mini-golf tournament 

• Pickle Ball tournament 

• Kids Self-Defense 

• Weekend hikes 

• Golf Tournament 

• Softball League

So who is ready to have fun? This only works if we all participate. If you have any questions, concerns, or other ideas - please let me know. 

S&F Steve Wolvek, P.M. 

From the Secretary's Table

Secretary's Quills By: Stephen Wurtzel
Stephen Wurtzel

Brethren: Dues notices for 2023 Lodge Dues will be emailed to each member, and a statement will be mailed to each member from Grand Lodge. This is a new system that has been set up so that each member gets proper notice. Dues for 2023 are $195.00. If you pay by credit card, Grand Lodge will add a service charge of $6.19 to the dues fee. The other option is to pay by check directly to the Lodge in the amount of $195.00. 

If you pay by check, please send your remittance to: 

Conejo Valley Lodge #807 

PO Box 4766 Thousand Oaks, CA 91359 

A special reminder to our Lodge Officers who will be installed on January 7, 2023: Your dues must be paid in order for you to be installed. You may go to the Grand Lodge website to download your dues card to your phone or print it out once your dues have been paid and received. My Brothers, please remember that when you signed the By-Laws of our Lodge one of the things you agreed to was to pay your dues in a timely manner. 

Sincerely and Fraternally, Steve Wurtzel, Secretary

Tech Forward


"Please make every effort to pay your dues on time.

This is a reminder that we should be grateful for what we have, and to give back to others. We can do this by volunteering our time or donating to charity. There are many events happening this year that we can participate in to help others, and have fun too!"

Technology has become such an integrated part of our lives, that can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between what is technology and what is not. If the statement quoted above seemed to summarize in the Lodge's new Trestleboard format, you can thank technology. It was completely written using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Wow, have we come a long way! 

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