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April 2024 Trestleboard

From the East

Master Square By: Worshipful Lynn R. Wallingford, PM
Lynn R. Wallingford, PM

Founders’ Night

April 25, 2024, is the 63rd anniversary of the formation of Conejo Valley Lodge. Accordingly, I have designated the April stated meeting as Founders’ Night. We will celebrate the formation of our lodge and honor those Brothers who were instrumental in bringing it to life.

The Conejo Valley Masonic Club was formally created in early 1961. A petition was soon filed with Grand Lodge to form a new Masonic Lodge. Our dispensation was granted on April 25, 1961, and Conejo Valley Lodge U.D. (Under Dispensation) was formed. The lodge was formally Instituted by Deputy Grand Master Guy Mize on May 16, 1961. The pillar officers installed were Frank T. Roberts, Worshipful Master, Cecil A. Brann, Senior Warden, and T. Bruce Baker, Junior Warden.

The Lodge met formally over the next several months, eventually initiating two Entered Apprentices, passing one Fellowcraft, and raising four Master Masons by the end of August. On August 8, 1961, the lodge applied to Grand Lodge for a permanent Charter. The Charter was granted on September 26, 1961, at the Annual Communication of Grand Lodge and the lodge was assigned the number 807. The first election of officers was held on December 12, 1961. Elected were T. Bruce Baker, Worshipful Master, Harry E. Kelley, Senior Warden, and Harry Retan, Junior Warden.

* Historical material provided by Worshipful Buster Smith in his “The History of Conejo Valley Lodge No. 807”.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, April 9, at 7:00 PM the lodge will host a movie night featuring “National Treasure.” This event is open to all members, candidates, prospects, ladies, and youth group members free of charge. Of course, popcorn, snacks, and drinks will be provided. This is the first of what I hope will be several movie nights throughout the year. 

Saturday, April 13, from 9:00 AM until 11:00 AM is a pancake breakfast hosted by our youth groups. Tickets are $10 dollars. Start your morning off right and support our youth groups.

Sunday, April 14, at 3:00 PM is a very special reception for Ella Holzberger, Worthy Advisor of Fidelity Assembly No. 242, who was recently selected as Grand Worthy Advisor for California. See the flyer later in this bulletin.

The remaining Tuesdays of April are reserved for officer practices and degrees. As always, please check out the Masonic Family Calendar of events on our website,, for details on all regular meetings and special events.

From the South

Wardens Plumb By: Jeremy A. Dreaden
Jeremy A. Dreaden

Greetings from the South! Brethren, March was a great month filled with fellowship opportunities and strengthening our bonds. As we move into April, we have a movie night planned, and we have several degrees on the horizon this month. I encourage everyone to come out and see the great work taking place at our lodge and the growth taking place firsthand.

Masonic Family Calendar

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