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Yoga Fundraiser at the Lodge

Yoga in the Lodge

On July 14th, 2019, Conejo Valley Lodge hosted the very first Yoga fundraiser in the Lodge. The yoga class was set to the tempo of restorative yoga. The class was designed to be more focused on calm and relaxing stretching for all levels. Monica Wurst, professional instructor at CorePower of Yoga in Westlake Village, volunteered to teach the class to help support the cause.

Monica led the class through an hour of the restorative yoga process, which is all about slowing down to open your body through passive stretches. In typical yoga classes, you hold a yoga stretch for short amount of time before transitioning to another pose. Alternatively, there are also other classes that are more geared towards exercising and working up a sweat.

This class focused however on holding yoga stretches for longer periods of time and not working up a sweat at all. This process allows the muscles time to more deeply relax while achieving a greater mental, physical, and emotional release. As Monica mentioned, it allowed us time to “melt” into a deeper stretch. The feeling of these types of stretches are definitely unique. The class used various props, such as blocks and straps to support their bodies in various positions. The whole purpose of this class is to avoid pain, while ensuring that all participants are 100% comfortable at all times.

When a man becomes a Freemason, he becomes a Brother, and member of a Masonic family with deep roots that connect him to time-honored customs and traditions. As a Brother of the craft, he is charged with caring for those members of his family who need his support the most, and especially caring for the widows of his fellow Masons, which are also referred to as Sweethearts. Caring for a Freemason’s Sweethearts is an obligation that all Masons take seriously and hold in the highest regard. This is a core focus of the Masonic Foundation of California.

Overall, the Lodge’s first yoga fundraiser helped successfully raise donations to support the widows of our departed Brethren. Special thanks to Monica Wurst, Inbar Lippincott, wife of the current Master of Conejo Valley Lodge, and Brother Bill Aitchison for their help in making this event possible. Also, thank you to all the Brothers, family, and friends who joined us for this special yoga class.

Yoga in the Lodge
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