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Cornerstone Ceremony at the Masonic Homes

Cornerstone Ceremony

A Masonic Cornerstone Ceremony is a special occasion and tradition in freemasonry that dates back to the earliest days of the craft. Freemasons from all over California gathered together to attend a special cornerstone ceremony at the Masonic Homes in Covina California. The Masonic Homes of Covina is one of the core project focuses of the Masonic Foundation of California.

Masonic Cornerstone Ceremony in Covina

Masonic CornerstoneThe Masonic Homes in Covina is building a new home for its residents who need skilled nursing and memory care. On July 13, Grand Master Wright and his Grand Lodge officers consecrated the cornerstone of the new building with corn, wine and oil, which are Masonic symbols of prosperity, health and peace. During the Masonic Cornerstone Ceremony a time capsule was commemorated, which contains important Masonic articles and other items for our future Brethren to remember and reflect on times of when the cornerstone was initially consecrated. This of course, will happen at a later point in time. The cornerstone itself is designated with the Most Worshipful Stuart A. Wright’s name, who is the Grand Master of Masons in California, along with the year as 2019 A.D., Anno Domini, and 6019 A.L., Anno Lucis, and a Masonic Square and Compass that is surrounded with a laurel wreath.

What is Anno Domini and Anno Lucis?

The year 2019 is probably something that all people are familiar with, but the term Anno Domini or A.D. might be considered more foreign to many people. The words Anno Domini is actually from the medieval Latin language that translates to mean “in the year of the Lord”. In Freemasonry, it is common practice to utilize both A.D. and A.L. when recording the year. The abbreviation A.L. is also from the Latin language, and means Anno Lucis. Translating Anno Lucis to English means “in the year of Light”. Many consider this tradition similar to the use of Anno Mundi, which is abbreviated as A.M, and used traditionally in the Hebrew calendar to designate the a time regarding the year of creation.

History of Masonic Cornerstone Ceremonies

Traditionally, a cornerstone is the first stone set in building a foundation of masonry. This is particularly important since all other stones will be set in reference to this stone, which ultimately determines the position of the entire structure. In Freemasonry, the practice of laying a cornerstone became particularly significant for several reasons. The concept of laying a cornerstone grew from the practice of the operative stonemasons. The initiate, or Entered Apprentice, is placed in the north-east corner of a Lodge in representation of a foundation cornerstone. This practice is intended to signify the unity of the North and East, as it relates to the relation of the threshold of where darkness is met with light.

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