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January 2024 Trestleboard

From the East

Master Square By: Worshipful Lynn R. Wallingford, PM
Lynn R. Wallingford, PM

New Beginnings

Brethren, my theme for January is “New Beginnings.” In much the same way that the end of one calendar year and the start of a new one may cause one to reflect on past accomplishments and to make resolutions for the coming year, a new Masonic year is a time to reflect on our individual accomplishments in Masonry and to re-examine our commitment to our Lodge. 

Ask yourselves these questions: “Am I getting out of Freemasonry everything that I joined for? Are there ways that I could contribute to the success of my lodge and to my personal growth?” 

If you would like to see more social or educational programs, please let me know. I have some ideas of my own, but the best ideas will come from you. There are many formal and informal committees that help contribute to the success of a lodge. Please contact me for ways that you can help. In particular, we are looking for someone to take over the responsibility of managing the social media presence for the lodge. See the recruiting message elsewhere in this bulletin. 

Stated Dinners

The ladies of Eastern Star have again agreed to prepare and serve the stated dinners for the year, except for July and August. It will be up to us, brethren, to clear the tables and cleanup afterwards. I ask that a few brothers help out between the stated dinners and the meetings and afterwards, if necessary. 

Concordant and Appendant Body Announcements

I will be asking the heads of the concordant and appendant bodies to give their calendar announcements in the dining hall between the stated dinner and the stated meeting. This way, the ladies and quests may hear about the activities of our Masonic family. If there are events taking place in our lodge or dining hall, please let me know in advance so that they can be entered into the lodge calendar.

Upcoming Events 

A double first degree is planned for January 23. Our annual Sweethearts dinner will be held on February 13. More information will be included in this and other bulletins.


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