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February 2023 Trestleboard

From the East

Master Square By: Worshipful Steven A. Wolvek, PM
Steven A. Wolvek, PM

Brethren: A few changes to how we do things:

Executive Committee Meeting: The executive committee will be meeting on Thursday night at 7PM before the Stated. The meeting is open to all members desiring to bring any motion or matter up at the Stated. The meeting will be via Zoom. The meeting ID 4672364527. Password CVML807.

Stated Meetings: If you are a member of another Masonic Body and want to let the members know of your upcoming events - please get that information to me in advance of our Stated Meeting. We will display those dates and events during dinner so all members and guests can be advised. We will open Lodge before dinner in an effort to keep our Stated Meetings short and to the point. February's Stated Meeting is a Jersey night. Wear your favorite team's shirt or jersey with slacks. No jeans or tennis shoes, but a suit is optional. 

Dinners: Eastern Star has agreed to prepare our dinners except in July and August. We need to pitch-in together to help with the clean-up afterwards. 

Degrees: We will only do one degree on our degree nights. No more doubles unless absolutely necessary. No candidate will receive their degree(s) unless they have been attending our meetings consistently. 

Signing Petitions: If you sign for a new member, be ready to be that person's mentor and guide through his Masonic Journey. Please make sure you spend time with the person and really get to know him before you sign any petition. 

Events: This February we have a Sweetheart Dinner (14th), Dog Adoption (11th) and Mini-Golf tournament (26th) scheduled. We will have an informal Superbowl Party Potluck on the 12th. The success of these events is participation. 

I hope to see all of you at some or all of these upcoming events. Bring your family and friends! 

From the South

Wardens Plumb By: William S. Aitchison
William S. Aitchison

Brethren, thank you for the honor of electing me Junior Warden of our Lodge for 2023. As Junior Warden, I will do my best to serve you and the Lodge. One of my responsibilities is to arrange refreshments for our events and degrees throughout the year. In doing so, I am given a small fund. That being said, I am asking for your help in donating to the fund. At each event, if you can contribute to the fund, it will allow us to have better food, snacks, and drinks. Whatever you can afford (if you can) would be greatly appreciated by myself and everyone who benefits from your generosity. Thank you in advance Brothers. May the coming year be fruitful, happy, and healthy for all of us, our families, and friends. 

Tech Forward


February was the 3-month mark for our experimentation using artificial intelligence to summarize and create content. As we've seen, while there are some very useful applications, it is still far from perfect. Here's what AI picked as the high notes for the articles this month:

"The Junior Warden of the Lodge is asking for help to buy food, snacks and drinks for events throughout the year. The Executive Committee will meet on Thursday nights at 7PM and Stated Meetings will be opened before dinner. This February there are lots of fun events like the Sweetheart Dinner, Dog Adoption and Mini-Golf tournament. Everyone should wear their favorite team's shirt or jersey to the meeting. If you can, please contribute to the fund for food and drinks. Thank you for your help!"

This month, we loaded February's events into a single sentence (i.e. "Dog Dinner with hearts and golf tournament in the background as stained glass") and asked AI to create a picture. It's a little funky looking, but interesting none the less. We also asked the AI to write a one paragraph comedy story about a Sweetheart Dinner, Dog Adoption, Mini-Golf Tournament, and Superbowl Party. This is AI's story based on that direction:

"It was a wild weekend at Conejo Valley Lodge. The Sweetheart Dinner was in full swing, with couples sharing heart-shaped plates of food and swapping stories of how they met. Suddenly, a pack of dogs burst into the room, led by the local animal rescue group promoting their dog adoption event. The crowd was torn between cuddling the cute pups and finishing their dinners, but the chaos only escalated when the mini-golf tournament began, with golf balls flying in every direction. Just as things were starting to settle down, someone shouted "Superbowl party in the auditorium!", causing everyone to drop their forks and rush to find the best seat in front of the big screen. It was a wild and wacky night, but everyone went home with full bellies, wagging tails, and a smile on their faces."

Editor Note: I did manually swap it's initial words "local community center" with Conejo Valley Lodge for greater personalization. 

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