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Empowering Second Graders Through Blue Bag Day

Raising a Reader 2023

In a significant milestone for the longstanding commitment to the Raising a Reader program, the Masons of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties successfully orchestrated the recent Blue Bag Day event for second graders. With a dedication spanning over six years, the Masons have diligently supported the Ocean View School District's initiative, providing more than 30 classrooms of pre-K, kindergarten, and first-grade students with weekly book bags tailored to their respective grade levels.

Facilitated by a partnership between the Gold Coast Lodges, Ocean View School District, and the Oxnard Library, the first Blue Bag Day was executed seamlessly on Tuesday, September 26th. Prompted by the distribution of library card applications during the back-to-school night, second-grade parents enthusiastically participated in the event, paving the way for their children's exploration of the local South Oxnard Branch Library. Under the guidance of the Children's Librarian, the young students from Mar Vista, Tierra Vista, and Laguna Vista schools eagerly absorbed the wonders of the library through an engaging tour. Amidst the anticipation, Brother Tag Gilbert, one of the dedicated Masons, kindled the children's imaginations by sharing enthralling stories, fostering an early love for literature.

The highlight of the day was the personalized canvas Blue Bag each child received, symbolizing their newfound access to the vast world of literature. Encouraged to curate their own selections, the students were inspired to embark on a journey of discovery, exploring a myriad of genres and expanding their knowledge and creativity. Furthermore, the teachers were equipped with stacks of library cards, enabling them to extend the benefits of the library to their classrooms and cultivate a culture of reading among their students.

The success of the inaugural Blue Bag Day has invigorated the Masons to expand their efforts to additional schools, ensuring that more children can embrace the joy of reading and harness the transformative power of education. Gratitude was extended to the dedicated volunteers and staff members whose collective efforts made the event a resounding success. The impact of their commitment promises to leave a lasting impression on the lives of these young learners.

As the Masons look to the future, they encourage continued participation in upcoming events, reaffirming their shared commitment to fostering a more enlightened world for generations to come. Those seeking further information or wishing to contribute to the cause are invited to reach out to the Masons' representatives or learn more by visiting the California Masonic Foundation site. 

Together, the Masons of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties remain steadfast in their mission to inspire and empower young minds through the gift of literacy, solidifying their role as champions of education and community enrichment.

Raising a Reader 2023
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