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23rd Annual St. John’s Festive Board

St. Johns Festive Board

Tuesday, June 25th marked Conejo Valley Lodge’s 23rd Annual St. John’s Festive Board. Masons from the Lodge and all across California came to celebrate this most auspicious occasion. The Master of Ceremonies, Art Weiss, who is currently serving as the Senior Grand Warden of Masons in California presided over the ceremony. Over the course of the evening, several meals were served accompanied with celebratory toasts and song. The Lodge had the special privilege of sharing the evening with featured speaker, Stuart A. Wright, Grand Master of Masons in California. The evening was a fun time and great opportunity to bring the Masonic Family together.

None of this would be possible, of course, without the help of months of planning, preparation, creativity, and time. From the creation of the invitations and flyers, promoting, sending gathering of RSVPs, cleaning of the tableware, setting up of all the place sets, changing of light bulbs, creating the programs, cooking our meals, writing lyrics, playing music, providing the wine and center pieces, delivering the linens and so much more. It was truly an amazing night and fun time to come together. Thank you all who made the event possible!

23rd Annual St. John's Festive Board
St. John's Festive Board Dinner
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