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Wings Over Camarillo 2019

Wings Over Camarillo 2019

This year Conejo Valley Masonic Family was invited to volunteer at the Wings Over Camarillo 2019 airshow, car show, and festival. Members from the Lodge, Eastern Star, Job’s Daughters, and DeMolay helped in various sections throughout the show.

Some volunteered in the private and tented areas of the VIP sections and sky boxes. Duties included gate duties, multiple security check-points, serving meals, and pouring a few for the VIP patrons.

Volunteers also helped in the Hospitality Hanger from the Lodge, Eastern Star, Conejo Valley Job’s Daughters, Simi Valley Job’s Daughters, and DeMolay. This year, the volunteers were responsible for helped provide meals to the 400 plus workers that help make the Airshow possible.

Some of the adult volunteers from DeMolay & Job’s used clever solutions to help keep the cold drinks flowing all day.

Conejo Valley’s Masonic Membership includes several pilots, but this year as in year’s past, Brother Jack Vautin even flew during the show! His plane is pretty easy to spot, as for the greater part of the plane’s wings and fuselage are a bright yellow color. Pictured below is Worshipful Brandon Lippincott and Brother Jack Vautin with his Yellow Piper Cub.

Of course, there were tons of airplanes flying amazing aerobatic routines with incredible displays and close encounters.

There were also several military jets like the Navy’s F/A – 18 Hornet, a AH-1W Super Cobra, and AH-1Z Viper that is utilized by the U.S. Marines. Although these aircraft look amazing in pictures, it seems like you can only really truly appreciate these marvels in person.

There was also pyrotechnics this year that happened throughout both days of the show. Near the end on the show on the both days was the an incredible display called the “Wall of Fire”. Even at quite a distance away, you could still feel the heat! It was incredible.

Thank you!

Thank you to all the members of Conejo Valley Lodge, Eastern Star, Conejo Valley Job’s Daughters, Simi Valley Job’s Daughters, and Conejo Valley DeMolay who volunteered this weekend!

Also, the Lodge would like to extend a special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Lowe who invited our Lodge and Masonic Family to participate at the Wings Over Camarillo 2019. The event was fun and everyone had a blast!

Wings Over Camarillo Airplane
Wings Over Camarillo VIP
Wings Over Camarillo Volunteers
Wings Over Camarillo Hospitality
Wings Over Camarillo Drinks
Worshipful Brandon Lippincott and Brother Jack Vautin
Navy’s F/A – 18 Hornet
Wall of Fire
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