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Meet the New Grand Master: Jeff Wilkins

Jeff Wilkins Grand Master of Masons

Nobody’s path to the east is a straight line. But in the case of Jeff Wilkins, the newly installed Grand Master of Masons in California, his Masonic and professional careers have done even more zigging and zagging than usual. From his childhood in Alabama through an army career that saw him serve in 1990 to 2000 to a second career in Sonoma County as a mechanical engineer, though, he’s always been guided by a commitment to service. That’s reflected in his leadership roles within his lodge, Mosaic No. 218, as well as with the Eastern Star, the York Rite, Scottish Rite, and the Shrine. Now, as he ascends to the highest Masonic office in the state, Most Worshipful Wilkins reflects on a life in Masonry and applying his own philosophy of service to the fraternity.

Excerpt from the Grand Lodge of California. Go to the link below to continue reading. 

Congratulations to all the newly elected and appointed Officers of the Grand Lodge of California (2021-2022)
  • Grand Master: Jeffrey M. Wilkins
  • Deputy Grand Master: Randall L. Brill
  • Senior Grand Warden: Sean G. Metroka
  • Junior Grand Warden: Arthur L. Salazar, Jr. 
  • Grand Treasurer: Charles P. Cross
  • Grand Secretary: Allan L. Casalou
  • Grand Lecturer: Ricky L. Lawler
  • Grand Chaplain: Steven H. De Muth 
  • Asst. Grand Lecturer Div I: Gary R. Quintrell
  • Asst. Grand Lecturer Div II: David M. Edwards
  • Asst. Grand Lecturer Div III: Antonio G. Cimarra, Jr. 
  • Asst. Grand Lecturer Div IV: Jario J. Gomes, Jr. 
  • Asst. Grand Lecturer Div V: Robert G. Beeson III
  • Asst. Grand Lecturer Div VI: Matthew S. Vander Horck
  • Asst. Grand Lecturer Div VII: Alberto L. Casanova, Jr. 
  • Asst. Grand Lecturer Div VIII: Victor M. Ropac, Jr. 
  • Asst. Grand Lecturer Div IX: John H. Crago, III
  • Grand Orator: Peter A. Ackeret 
  • Assistant Grand Secretary: Jordan T. Yelinek 
  • Grand Marshall: Christopher R. Trueblood
  • Grand Standard Bearer: David A. Olmedo
  • Grand Sword Bearer: Earl D. Love, Jr. 
  • Grand Bible Bearer: Nathaniel U. McBroome, 
  • Senior Grand Deacon: Russel E. Hennings
  • Junior Grand Deacon: Tom Kavishi
  • Senior Grand Steward: Paul A. Dana
  • Junior Grand Steward: Rio L. Santonil
  • Grand Pursuivant: Eric D. Hatfield
  • Grand Organist: Stephen R. Miller
  • Grand Tiler: Vinz O. Tolentino 
  • Assistant Grand Organist: Jonathan S. Davis
  • Assistant Grand Tiler: Scotty J. Christian

Jeff Wilkins Grand Master of Masons
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