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Masonic Service Bureau of Los Angeles 2019

Masonic Service Bureau 2019 Los Angeles

In California, the Masonic Service Bureaus are formed for the primary purpose of properly relieving the distress of local Masons, who may be members of Lodges in other areas of the State or members of Lodges in other Jurisdictions, while residing or visiting in the area of the Service Bureau. Additionally, Bureaus arrange for and conduct funerals for such Masons, may visit sick or lonely sojourning Masons, operate a Clearing House to applicants for membership in local Lodges, support and make special investigations for Lodges when requested, and conduct other Masonic service activities that the Grand Lodge may direct in California.

Thank you to all the Brothers who attended the Masonic Service Bureau this year!  

There are presently seventy-one Masonic Lodges in our Los Angeles Masonic Service Bureau, representing an estimated 10,000-15,000 Masons residing in or adjacent to the Los Angeles County area. In addition, there is a very large number of sojourning Masons living or visiting in this same area, which our Service Bureau assists.

Our Los Angeles Bureau carries on those high ideals of Masonry, in providing aid and assistance to all distressed worthy Brother Masons, their widows and orphans, as well as to others in the community when possible, and at the same time work to spread the cement of Brotherly love and affection in all that it touches.

602nd District - LA Masonic Service Bureau
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