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Freemasons Make a Profound Impact

Freemasons Make Impact

Freemasons Impact Society

Many people come to Freemasonry for one main reason, which is to make a meaningful difference in the world. Freemasons impact society by giving back to those in need. As the video mentions, that in the end of life, it won’t matter how much money, success, power, prestige you attain in life, but what will matter most is how much of an impact we make as Freemasons on other people’s lives.

In the article “Let’s Write the Future“, Freemasons make a pledge to continue to transform people and families lives through efforts at the Masonic Homes, Community Partnerships, Masonic youth orders, nursing grants, scholarships and more. The Let’s Write the Future campaign is the biggest philanthropic effort launched in the history of the Freemasonry in California. These incredible programs started by the California Masonic Foundation are designed to help change lives forever.

How Freemasons Make a Difference

Masons all strive to make a difference in our own lives, and become better men and citizens in our cities, state, country, and around the globe. Many special programs through the California Masonic Foundation is one of the many ways how Freemasons make a difference. Freemasons aim to make a difference in the lives of fellow Brothers, and are steadfast to each other by vowing to be there in good times and bad.

As Masons, our shared vision is to aide those most vulnerable members of our communities and has come in many forms. Through initiating important programs and services to make a meaningful impact for causes that are worthy of attention. The video in this article created by the California Masonic Foundation offers an inspiring perspective of our Masonic quest to live a meaningful life.

Video footage courtesy of the Grand Lodge of California, with Select footage courtesy of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.

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