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Cornerstone Ceremony at Conejo Valley Lodge

Cornerstone Ceremony at Conejo Valley Lodge's photo'

On Saturday, September 25th, 2021, the Most Worshipful Arthur H. Weiss, Grand Master of Masons of California will be conducting a cornerstone ceremony at Conejo Valley Lodge #807. 

RSVP is required. Please see the flyer for contact information and the dress code.

What is a Masonic Cornerstone Ceremonies for?

In masonry, a cornerstone is the first stone laid in the foundation of a building. This ceremony is particularly important, because it all subsequent stones will be laid based on the coordinates of this stone. Once the building is completed, this very first stone that was laid determines the entire position of final structure. Laying a cornerstone became particularly significant for Freemasons for many reasons. Traditionally, the laying a cornerstone came from the operative stonemasons. This would make sense, because many of the early Masons were stone building brothers. In modern masonry, an initiate, or Entered Apprentice, is placed in the north-east corner of a Lodge in representation of a foundation cornerstone, just like during operative times. This initial orientation is intended to signify the unity of the North and East, as it relates to the relationship of where the darkness night is met with light of day.

Cornerstone Ceremony at Conejo Valley Lodge's photo'
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