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170th Annual Communication

170th Annual Communication at Grand Lodge CA

170th Annual Communication at the Grand Lodge of California

This year the 170th Annual Communication at the Grand Lodge of California took place from October 18th to October 20th, 2019. The Grand Lodge of Freemasons in California reported the total registration for the 170th Annual Communication was 1,522 with 278 of 331 chartered lodges represented. (The number of chartered lodges includes seven lodges under dispensation, one historic lodge, four research lodges, and Grand Master’s Lodge.)

Conejo Valley Lodge would also like to Congratulate all the newly installed Brothers of the Grand Lodge of California!

The elected and appointed officers of the Grand Lodge duly installed for the Grand Lodge year that commenced on October 20, 2019 are:


John E. Trauner, Grand Master

Arthur H. Weiss, Deputy Grand Master

Jeffery M. Wilkins, Grand Warden

Randall L. Brill, Junior Grand Warden

Arthur L. Salazar Jr., Grand Treasurer

Allan L. Casalou, Grand Secretary

Ricky L. Lawler, Grand Lecturer


Rev. Bayani D. Rico, Grand Chaplain

Gary R. Quintrell, AGL Division I

D. Mike Edwards, AGL Division II

Antonio G. Cimarra Jr., AGL Division III

Jairo J. Gomez Jr., AGL Division IV

Robert G. Beeson III, AGL Division V

Charles P. Cross, AGL Division VI

Elvan D. Moen, AGL Division VII

Victor M. Ropac Jr., AGL Division VIII

John H. Crago III, AGL Division IX

G. Sean Metroka, Grand Orator

Daniel J. Dailey, Grand Marshal

Levon H. Keshishian, Grand Standard Bearer

John L. Wasson, Grand Sword Bearer

Narbeh Bagdasarian, Grand Bible Bearer

Michael D. Murphy, Senior Grand Deacon

Alan D. Walbridge Jr., Junior Grand Deacon

Guy M. Chalmers, Senior Grand Steward

Drew L. Middleton, Junior Grand Steward

Roy R. Pool, Grand Pursuivant

Stephen R. Miller, Grand Organist

Peter L. Cunningham, Grand Tiler

Jonathan S. Davis, Assistant Grand Organist

Vinz O. Tolentino, Assistant Grand Tiler

Conejo Valley Lodge #807 had 4 voting delegates present at the 170th Annual Communication at the Grand Lodge of California. These delegates included 3 Officers and one Past Master to cast the Past Masters’ collective vote. The officers included Brandon Lippincott, Master of Conejo Valley Lodge #807, Steven Wolvek, PM & Senior Warden, and Brien Lynch, Junior Warden, and the Past Master’s collective vote was carried by Lynn Wallingford PM.

The 171st Annual Communication will commence at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, October 9, 2020, in the City and County of San Francisco.

The following are a couple pictures from Grand Lodge 2019. We hope to see you at Annual Communication next year!

The pictures below are a newly constructed Lodge at the Grand Lodge Masonic Temple. The 1st picture below shows the Lodge’s library room with tons of Masonic literature both new and historic. The 2nd picture below shows the Lounge and fireplace area that is decorated with encased Masonic memorabilia. Towards the right of the second photo is a wet bar, kitchen, and dining area (not photoed). The third photo is inside the new Lodge room. The Lodge itself has an incredibly modern design in its’ use of ambient LED lighting, marble, woods, and the acoustically designed materials. It’s really something special, and definitely worth seeing in person.

Grand Lodge CA Installation Ceremony
Grand Lodge California Installation
Grand Lodge on Stage
Grand Lodge California Mosaic
King Solomons Temple
Grand Lodge of California Library
Grand Lodge California Lobby
Grand Lodge California New Lodge Room
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