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πŸͺ‘ Introducing the "Adopt a Chair" Fundraiser

Adopt a Chair Fundraiser

πŸͺ‘ Introducing the "Adopt a Chair" Fundraiser: Revitalize Our Masonic Family Space! πŸͺ‘

We invite you to become a part of a remarkable initiative that will not only enhance the comfort of our cherished Masonic Lodge but also uphold its legacy of unity and camaraderie. Our beloved lodge, a space where countless memories have been forged and bonds strengthened, is in need of a transformation.

The state of our previous chairs, once steadfast witnesses to the discussions, ceremonies, and fellowship of our Masonic family, reflected the wear and tear of time. As we strive to preserve the sanctity of this sacred space, we are thrilled to launch the "Adopt a Chair" Fundraiser.

By participating in this noble endeavor, you will play a pivotal role in rejuvenating our Lodge equipment. Your contribution will directly support the maintenance and improvement of these essential elements, breathing new life into our meetings, gatherings, and shared moments.

In gratitude for your generosity, all donors who adopt a chair will be prominently recognized on an elegant dedication plaque. This plaque, a lasting tribute to your commitment and support, will forever be displayed within our Lodge as a testament to your dedication to our Masonic principles.

Let us join hands and hearts to ensure that the legacy of unity and brotherhood continues to thrive within these walls. Together, we can bring comfort, beauty, and functionality back to our Lodge for generations to come.

Join us today and adopt a chair – make a difference, leave a legacy.

Adopt a Chair Fundraiser
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