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Donald Lee Williams - Golden Veterans Award

Donald Lee Williams

Congratulations to Brother Donald Williams on receiving the Golden Veterans Award at Conejo Valley Lodge. The Golden Veterans award in Freemasonry is awarded for being a Mason in good standing for over 50 years. The ceremony took place on the night of February 7th, 2018 at Conejo Valley Lodge.

The presentation started by sharing the history of what was going on in the world the year Brother William decided he wanted to become a Mason. Over the past 50 years Brother Williams has accomplished many incredible feats in Freemasonry and around the world, and the Lodge is honored to have him be a part of our ranks. Worshipful Eric Bertolli presided in the East for the presentation with brothers, family, and guests in attendance. After the award conferral, Brother Williams’ wife was given the honor to place the Golden Veteran’s pin on his lapel for this prestigious award.

Donald was made an Entered Apprentice 9/21/1967, passed to Fellowcraft 11/9/1967, and raised as a Master Mason on 1/25/1968, and affiliated with Conejo Valley Lodge 6/13/1978.

Donald Lee Williams Golden Veterans Award Pin
Donald Lee Williams Remarks
Donald Lee Williams Golden Veterans Presentation
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