Let’s Write The Future

The average man says you can’t predict the future. But we Masons are not average men. We have vowed to write the future that we want to see.

The future we are writing stretches throughout California, from sleepy coastal towns to bustling inland cities; in our home communities and those of our brethern. They are linked by our promise to uphold our fraternity’s cherished values.

Esperanza, a 5-year-old in San Jacinto, believes in our promise. In Spanish, her name means “hope”, and she is truly this: Her future is her parents’ greatest wish. They dream that she will be first in her family to attend college. When we brought Raising A Reader to Esperanza’s school, their hope grew brighter. They learned that reading to Esperanza would help her to someday read on her own, and that gathering around a book each evening was an important way to strengthen family bonds.

Today, thanks to generous Masons, Esperanza can read above grade level. She and her classmates are on their way to achieving academic success.

Dottie, a 93-year-old widow in Chico, believes in our promise, too. Her beloved husband passed away seven years ago. She lived alone in the home they brought as newlyweds, untill she began to forget where she was, or how to manage. Luckily, her husband’s brothers helped her to move to the Masonic Home at Union City. There, she received the compassionate memory care she needed to live safely and comfortably.

Thanks to brother Masons, Masonic widows like Dottie can access the vital support and memory care they need to maintain their health and dignity.

Your gift makes a critical difference in our families and communities. Please support our fraternity once again by making a three-year pledge to the California Masonic Foundation through the “Let’s Write the Future” campaign.

Whether you’re making a one-time gift or a multi-year pledge, your support is writing the future our brotherhood deserves to see.

Images Courtesy of Grand Lodge of CA