About Conejo Masons


If you would like information on how to join our ancient and honorable fraternity, please contact our lodge for assistance. Any member of our Lodge would be pleased to respond to potential candidates by answering any questions you may have. Asking to join is the first step.

Child ID Program


Currently the Lodge is involved in the one of the most enthusiastically received programs by the community, the Child ID Program. Initiated by the Grand Lodge of California, the Lodge digitally takes a a picture of a child, along with their thumbprints, which are then printed on a form. The form is given to the parents who fill in the personal data and are asked to keep it in a safe place.

Grand Lodge Projects


The mission of the Masons of California is to foster personal growth and improve the lives of others.



Blue Lodge’s over the state of California award their brother’s with awards for their time, talent, and contributions to the lodge.