Golden Veterans Award

Congratulations to Brother Steve Ames for receiving the Golden Veterans Award. The Golden Veterans award in Freemasonry is awarded for being a Mason in good standing for over 50 years. The ceremony took place on October 7th, 2014 at Conejo Valley Lodge. Worshipful Lynn Wallingford presented the award last night with brothers, visitors and family present. Brother Ames wife was given the honor to place the Golden Veteran’s pin on his lapel.

Brother Gerald Weissman joined the army in 1955 and was stationed at Ft. Knox Kentucky; this is where Jerry joined the Masons.

He became interested in Masonry learning about the craft from several of the men he served with in his unity. Ft. Knox Lodge #919 was located on the base and had a very large membership.

Jerry received all of his degrees at Ft. Knox Lodge and was raised a Master Mason in 1956.

Jerry and his wife Claire will celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary on December 26th.

They have two daughters Susan and Jill and 3 grandchildren.

Jerry moved to California in 1958 where he and his wife Claire operated a gas station in the San Fernando Valley. After doing that for a few years they moved back home to New York where Jerry worked as a sheet metal apprentice and eventually was involved in the construction of the high ruse buildings in Manhattan.

In 1966 Claire’s father started a paper business in California and asked that Jerry join him with his two sons in the business. They operated as Marfred Paper Company for over 50 years and eventually sold the company.

Jerry is an avid fisherman and member of the Los Angeles Rod and Reel Club where he participates in their philanthropic fishing expeditions.

Jerry recently affiliated with Conejo Valley Lodge #807 and is happy to be part of our Masonic family.

Jerry was made an Entered Apprentice 11/19/1956, passed to Fellowcraft 12/17/1956, and raised as a Master Mason on 1/28/1957, and affiliated with Conejo Valley Lodge 7/1/2014.