From the West

Give of Yourself a Hand

            Many of us have experienced that lonely detached feeling, when you go to a strange place as the “outsider” and no one interacts or says anything to you.  Not even an outstreched hand shake to say hello.  How often do you find yourself in the same small group seldom venturing to engage the new “strange” person, visiting for the first or second time?  I recently traveled to Alaska Grand Lodge’s Annual Communication and noticed few of the brothers would strike up a conversation.  It was up to me to introduce myself and take the initial action.  I was surprised when the Senior Grand Warden sat down at a table and invited me to sit with him for breakfast and the newly elected Junior Grand Warden for lunch.  This is not to say the brothers were not approachable.  Every one of those I spoke to was interesting and friendly.  It’s just as the visitor, it was incumbent on me to take the initial, “Hello my name is Joe.”

So the challenge to you, my brother, is the next time you are at a gathering or meeting and see that solo person, be the one to introduce yourself first and find out something about them.  Invite them to sit with you if you are eating with a group and resist that all too comfortable urge to just be “things as usual”.  And when you do reach out your hand keep in mind, it means so much more when you look them in the eye with a smile!