From the Secretary’s Table

Brethren, summer is here, school is out, vacation time is coming and going, and your Lodge is alive and well. All that means that we are approaching the time of dues notices. They will be sent out in October. If you have not yet paid your 2013 or 2014 dues and in order to avoid having also to pay the 2015 dues, a large one time expenditure, please make your payments for 2013 and 2014 now. The Lodge is able to operate and contribute to the community only if its members are responsible and pay their dues. If you need assistance please call me (805-523-9023). It was most gratifying to have to put out extra chairs at our last Stated Meeting. Having a large turn out means the Brethren can truly experience the tenets of our Fraternity. I strongly hope that the attendance at our upcoming degrees are as well attended. The conferral experience of our candidates is only strengthened by having the sidelines full of Brothers as well as the officers present. Also please remember that while the Past Master’s BBQ has the name Past Master’s BBQ, but it is a BBQ put on by the Past Masters for the members of Conejo Valley Masonic Lodge #807 and all members and concordant bodies are welcome. The Past Master’s BBQ is scheduled for Saturday, September 6th. As we all enjoy our summer and vacations, please remember those men and women of our Armed Forces and the sacrifices that they and their families are enduring for our safety. Keep them in your prayers.

Rees Padfield, PM