From the East

We will be trying to improve our Stated Meeting Dinner experience and we would like your opinion (everybody is supposed to have one). So take the effort and help us out with the survey that will be distributed during the dinner.

Supporting our veterans was proposed at our February stated meeting and brothers showed their support. Acting on this support, Arthur Ruditzky, Edwin Escamilla and I attended the Ventura County Military Collaborative, where over 100 organizations provide services and support to our veterans. Our lodge’s offering is unique among all of these organizations, for we are the only ones endeavoring to help veterans to help themselves and others in pursuing self- employment and businesses by providing startup aid. Advice on business accounting, taxes, and banking finance are among the areas our brothers have experience to share. If you have an area of business expertise and are willing to mentor our veterans please let me know.

The Spring-time holidays, Passover and Easter, are upon us and it is yet another time for families to get together and celebrate. May these holidays be filled with warmth and full of love and inspiration.