From the East

Brethren, As the end of the year quickly approaches and . the new line of officers prepare to take the reins, I . am forced to look back and reflect upon my year as your Master and the state of our Lodge.

Was this a successful year, and if so, why? Is the Lodge in a better state then when I was installed? Did I accomplish everything I wanted to do? These are difficult questions to answer, especially within the confines of a Trestle Board article. Simply put, I would say – “yes.”

I think all who were active in the Lodge this year would agree; Conejo Valley Lodge had a very successful year. We held many well-attended events, such as our Masonic Education Night with the now Deputy Grand Master, Right Worshipful Dave Perry, continued our St. John’s Festive Board tradition, held our first Conejo Valley Masonic Bodies Joint BBQ, we conferred dozens of degrees, we ID’ed hundreds of children, we expanded our social calendar, we raised money for several worthy causes, donated school supplies, food, clothing and toys to the needy, we achieved “100% Officer Giving” and did so much more this year.

In addition to the success of our many events, one issue that strikes me as a great improvement within our Lodge has been the turnout at Stated Meetings – it has been awesome! Greater attendance means “the voice of the Lodge” is being expressed and heard.

My primary goals for the year was to expand our social calendar, further Masonic education, improve community awareness, reinforce the belief within California Freemasonry that Conejo Valley Lodge is one of the top Lodges in the jurisdiction and boost the overall image of our Lodge.

Some of the little things, which I am disappointed that I did not accomplish was painting the railings in the East and redesigning the officers’ photos display case in the Tiler’s Room.

I think all Past Masters agree, no Master ever accomplishes everything they plan to do, but what matters more is if they accomplish what is truly important for the Lodge.

To the 2014 officers, Past Masters and volunteers – THANK YOU for your support and assistance this year. Our Lodge requires the time and dedication of many brothers to run smoothly and this year I was honored to receive so much generous cooperation, advise and support. I could not have made it through the year without all of you at my side!

Congratulations to Brothers Adam Tischler on being raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason and thank you to the Past Masters who participated in the degree. Adam, you have now received all the light of Freemasonry, but never stop learning. Becoming a Master Mason is only the third step in your life-long journey.