Discover the Secrets of Freemasonry

Discover the Secrets of Freemasonry : Open House

Conejo Valley Masonic Lodge #807 will be hosting our first ever open house, inviting you to discover the secrets of Freemasonry. This event is open to Masons and non-Masons too, giving you an insiders look about what Masonry is all about. You are welcome to invite your family, friends, and kids are welcome too!

Event Details

Date: Saturday, September 28th, 2019

Location: Conejo Valley Lodge #807 2786 Crescent Way, Thousand Oaks, California 91362

Time: 11am – 2pm

Event Schedule

11 AM
Refreshments & Special Meet & Greet with the Masonic Family Organizations in Conejo Valley

12 PM
Lodge Tours

12:30 PM
Masonic Speakers Sessions

1:30 PM
Speaker Discussion Panel (Q&A)

2 PM
Conclusion of event

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RSVP is required to attend. Please register online today to reserve your spot at Conejo Valley Masonic Lodge’s Open House. Registration is free and takes about a minute or two to sign-up.


Masonic Speakers

Brandon Lippncott


Conejo Valley’s Worshipful Master will make a special presentation about brief background on Conejo Valley Lodge, the structure of Freemasonry, the Masonic Family, and if Masons recruit. 

About Speaker:

Worshipful Brandon Lippincott is currently serving the Lodge as the Master. He has served in several Officer’s positions, is an honorary member of the Order of DeMolay, Past Chapter Advisor & Chairman of C.V. DeMolay, an active Advisor for C.V. DeMolay, recipient of the Cross of Honor, a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason and life member.


Masonic Secrets

Brother Joseph Gissy will make a special presentation about the Mysteries of Freemasonry, Masonic Conspiracies, and Early Stone Masons. 

About Speaker:

Brother Joseph Gissy is one of our newest Officers at Conejo Valley Lodge. He is currently serving as the Junior Steward, participates with the Social Light Committee and is a DeMoly Dad. Joseph serves the community of the Conejo Valley as a retirement planning specialist for his company Capital Management Services. He enjoys everything about the outdoors of Southern California and spends plenty of time hiking the Santa Monica mountains or enjoying the beaches between Santa Monica and Ventura with his wife Kristina and their dog Mini Cooper.

Lynn Wallingford

The Truth about Freemasonry

Lynn Wallingford, PM, will make a special presentation about Secrets of Freemasonry, debunking the myths and sharing facts about Masons you might find surprising. 

About Speaker:

Worshipful Lynn Wallingford was initiated into Freemasonry in 1993. In addition to serving several Officers’ roles, Lynn has served as Master of Conejo Valley Lodge in 1998. Additionally, Wallingford has also served the Grand Lodge of California as a District Inspector and Assistant Grand Lecturer for Division V. In 2019, he was awarded the 25-year Pin & Certificate at Conejo Valley Lodge #807, and is also a recipient of the prestigious Hiram Award. 


Famous Freemasons

Brother Bill Aitchison, along with Brother Brien Lynch will make a special presentation about Famous Freemasons throughout history. 

About Speaker:

Brother Bill Aitchison joined Freemasonry in 2015. He is currently our Senior Steward, Secretary of our Hall Association and a member of the Social Light Committee. He has previously served as Assistant Secretary for our Lodge. Bill also has been honored with our Lodge’s Mr. Conejo Award for his service to our Lodge. He has worked in the advertising industry as a creative/art director for over 30 years. He and his wife Edie have two grown sons and recently celebrated their 32nd Anniversary. 


Masonic History & Ritual

Frank Shapiro, PM, is an Officers’ Coach at Conejo Valley Lodge and he will make a special presentation about Masonic History and the history of Masonic Ritual.

About Speaker:
Worshipful Frank Shapiro is a Past Master of Conejo Valley Lodge #807 for the year 2017. He is currently serving the lodge as an Officers Coach and is Chairman of the Coaching Committee. He is currently a 54-year member of the Order of DeMolay; a Senior DeMolay and recipient of the Chevalier of the Order. He is also a recipient of the Cross of Honor and the Legion of Honor of the Order of DeMolay.


Conejo Valley Lodge History

Howard “Buster” Smith, is a Past Master and active member of Conejo Valley Lodge #807 and he will make a special presentation about who and how the Lodge was founded, as well as, the rich history of Conejo Valley Lodge. 

About Speaker:
Howard “Buster” Smith, PM, was born in Newbury Park and pretty much lived there all of his life. He attended Conejo School and Moorpark High School. Professionally, he worked at Camarillo State Hospital for 42 years, and the US Army from 1953 to 1956. Worshipful Buster has been married to his wife Trudy for over 64 years. Together, they have two children, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He has been a proud member of Conejo Valley Lodge No. 807 for over 57 years. Worshipful Smith is also the recipient of the prestigious Hiram Award and Golden Veteran’s Award.