St. John’s Festive Board & Grand Officer Reception 2016

Conejo Valley Lodge #807 in June 2016 held its 20th annual St. John’s Festive Board & Grand Lodge Officer Reception honoring Worshipful Lynn R. Wallingford, Asst. Grand Lecturer – Division V of the Grand Lodge of California.

Program of Events:


Welcome: Wor. Scott D. Spiegel, PM

Invocation: Jerry Michaelson, PM

Salute to the Flag: Wor. Scott D. Spiegel, PM

Master of Ceremonies: Arthur Weiss, PM


First Toast: Rees Padfield, PM


Second Toast: Howard “Buster” Smith, PM


Third Toast: Wor. Scott D. Spiegel, PM


Forth Toast: Joe Tischler, PM

Main Course

Fifth Toast: David Liberthal, PM

Sixth Toast: Marc A. Newman, PM


Seven Toast: John Argue, PM


Guests: Arthur Weiss, PM

Lodge Officers: Wor. Scott D. Spiegel, PM

Masonic Visitors: Wor. Eric Bertolli, PM

Grand Master: Most Wor. David Doan, PGM

Grand Master’s Message

Most Wor. M David Perry

Honoree’s Message:

Wor. Lynn R. Wallingford, PM

AGL Division V


Presentation: Wor. Scott D. Spiegel, PM

Tiler’s Toast: Steve Cooley, PM

Benediction: Luc Paul


“Many hands makes for light work.”

This event would not be possible if it weren’t for the help of our brothers.

Special thanks to:

  • Founder of the Feast John Argue, PM
  • Musician, Sister Peggy Word
  • Menu, Connie Just & Todd Stevenson
  • Service, Midnight Mission

Also thank you to everyone who attended our festive board experience and made it a memorable celebration.