Semi-Annual Degree Report 2019

Semi-Annual Degree Report 2019

Congratulations to all of our new Brothers and Brothers that have advanced in their Degrees! The following Brothers were either initiated as Entered Apprentice Masons or have received a higher degree in Freemasonry. This semi-annual report is to recognize their achievements. Of course, we are grateful for the support of all the Lodge Officers, Brethren, and Brothers who traveled to Conejo Valley Lodge to make it all possible.

3rd Degree Proficiency

Kimali Davis (5/7/19)

3rd Degree

Dr. Howard Bliman (5/28/19)

Dr. Howard Bliman

2nd Degree

Aaron Moffett (6/18/19)
David Rosenfeldt (3/19/19)

David Rosenfeldt
Aaron Moffett
David Rosenfeldt

1st Degree

Aaron Moffett (4/23/19): Top
Michael McGlashen (2/26/19): Top Left
Robert MacCraken (2/19/19): Top Right
Dale Woodard (1/22/19): Bottom Left
Raymond Chang (1/15/19): Bottom Right

Aaron Moffett
Michael McGlashen
Robert MacCraken
Dale Woodard
Raymond Chang

Thank you for viewing Conejo Valley Lodge’s Semi-Annual Degree Report 2019. Congratulations to all of our Brothers, and may you continue to always seek further light in Freemasonry!