Rise and Build

In case you missed Masonic Education Night on March 11th, here’s a recap of the bullet points from that night presented by Right Worshipful David Perry, Senior Grand Warden.


The beginning of the presentation was dedicated to the history of Masonry. He explained that during Masonry’s earlier days, Freemasons worked both operative and speculatively. These Ancient Masons actually used the working tools to erect stupendous edifices comprised of smooth and squared stones. Our ancient brethren, wrought at many now famous temples, government buildings and monuments all over the world.  Today Freemasons are speculative only, which means the craft is no longer a stone mason’s guide to build physical buildings but rather a moreso a spiritual building. The following points were elaborated on by the Right Worshipful David Perry on How Modern Masons Rise and Build. If you wish, the PowerPoint presentation of  Rise and Build can by downloaded by clicking on the “Rise and Build” link.

People Building Skill #1

  • Treat people with respect
  • Treat others the way you you wish to be treated

Summary: The “Golden Rule” – Do unto others, the way you wish others to do unto you.

People Building Skill #2

  • Don’t believe anything you hear

Summary: Do not make haste to judge a person or situation from something that you have not personally observed. Give yourself and others a fair chance by personally observing a situation for yourself.

People Building Skill #3

  • If you’re repeating what you’ve heard about others, you’re gossiping

Summary: This message ties in with #2, which is if you are just saying something without actually knowing first hand than you are spreading rumors.

People Building Skill #4

  • Look for the best in others, always
  • No one is completely worthless, they can always serve as a bad example

Summary: There is good in every bad situation, and sometimes it takes looking at the bad to extract the good.

People Building Skill #5

  • Listen with your eyes

Summary: Endue people that are talking with respect by “listening with your eyes”, because it not only shows the person speaking that you are paying attention, but it can also reveal if their message is being effectively communicated.

People Building Skill #6

  • Find ways to encourage the people around you on a regular basis: Daily-Weekly-Monthly or Occasionally

Summary: Editor’s note – “When I was a boy, my father would always encourage me that anytime I was allowed to borrow or use something that was not mine that I should always do my best to return it in a condition that is the same or greater than how I received it. My understanding of this has continued to evolve in meaning as time progresses. I see the world and everything in it (including people) as “borrowed” in some regards either in my personal residence of this earth and world, and the time I share/borrow from people – thus to me is an indispensable duty to motivate and encourage other people to do the same. As Leo Tolstoy once said “Just as one candle lights another and can light thousands of other candles, so one heart illuminates another heart and can illuminate thousands of other hearts.

People Building Skill #7

  • Honor People
  • See and speak about their value and worth as a person

Summary: Regardless of a person’s presence (present or not present) seek to honor people always, if there is nothing nice you have to say of them than speak nothing. Only speak of the good things about others.

People Building Skill #8

  • Be patient, kind, and keep no records of wrongs.

Summary: Learn to forgive and learn from those mistakes. Keeping a “tally” of all the wrong doings of a person will only hinder your ability to progress and grow from any situation.

People Building Skill #9 

  • See MMFINA on every person’s forehead: Make Me Feel Important Needed and Accepted

Summary: People naturally wish to fill important, needed , and accepted and we must constantly remind ourselves of that in order to create a more harmonious environment.

People Building Skill #10

  • Work daily to help others succeed

Summary: Make this world a better place and the people in it. Work on this daily so that other’s may be inspired by your works as a man and Mason to do the same.

People Building Skill #11

  • When in doubt, see Skill #1

Summary: Remember to always treat other’s the way you want to be treated.