Masonic Sweethearts Dinner

It’s been a tradition at Conejo Valley for the last several years to provide a dinner service on or around Valentine’s day. This meal has been provided complimentary to all the Widow’s of Conejo Valley as well as the Brother’s Sweethearts.

The mood was romantically set with decorations, love music playing from the Amazon Echo, soften lights, and some love movie classics from Turner Classic Movies (TCM) playing in the background.

This year the event was lead by Brother Brien Lynch, who is currently serving as Conejo Valley’s Junior Deacon. Under his leadership, the Lodge successfully hosted another Masonic Sweethearts dinner. Special thanks to all the brothers who helped make the event a success.

The dinner was catered by Stonefire Grill in T.O., and special presentation called the Flower Talk was delivered by Conejo Valley’s DeMolay Chris Kruse (pictured above). Conejo Valley DeMolay also wanted to make special mention to thank everyone who supported their See’s Candy Fundraiser project too.