From The East

Brethren – the dog days of summer hopefully will end soon and with that a return to cooler weather. This means the end of casual attire for Stated Meetings and Degree nights. Beginning with the double 1st degree scheduled for Sept. 17th, the accepted attire at Stated Meetings will be coat and tie and for the Officers it means a return to Tuxedos for all Degree nights.

There are a slew of activities as we move rapidly towards 2014. We start October as we do every month with our Stated Meeting. On October 1 we will announce the recipient of the 2013 Hiram Award as well as present an overview of the pending Legislation scheduled for vote at the Annual Communication.

The dates for the Annual Communication this year are October 4 – 6. Bro. Spiegel, Bro. Tischler and I will be attending, as well as several others from the Lodge who are connected with Grand Lodge. While San Francisco is a great city it will not be all fun and games as there is a lot of legislation to go through this year. If you can’t wait until the October Stated Meeting, the pending legislation can be downloaded from the Grand Lodge Web Site.

The majority of the rest of the month is set aside for 2014 Officers Practice except for October 22 which is Past Masters Night. This year, as in the past ,we look forward to witnessing not only a superbly done 3rd Degree Ritual by our Past Masters for Bro. Dustin Weismann, but also the annual pilgrimage to Topper’s Restaurant afterwards.

Speaking of the prospective 2014 Officer’s Line, they are busy practicing the ritual for their upcoming qualifications. Brother Scott Spiegel is focused on this and I know they will be ready when their time comes.

November is also busy with our November Stated Meeting on Nov. 5th, which is traditionally set aside for the election of our 2014 Officers and the presentation of the 2013 Hiram Award. On November 12th there will be a Double 2nd Degree for Bros. Tatham and Bachstein and then again on November 19th another Double 2nd Degree for Bro. Gerry Garcia (dad) and Bro. Nicholas Garcia (son).
December starts with our Stated meeting on Dec. 3rd, on Dec 10 we will have a 3rd Degree, raising Bro. Jeff Bell to Master Mason and then on December 17 we will end the year with a Table Lodge.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with a Table Lodge, it is a time honored event dating from the early colonial days of our country. It is a tiled event opened on the First Degree and open to all Masons (Entered Apprentice to Master Mason) in good standing of Conejo Valley Lodge #807.

Similar to the St. John’s Festive Board we hold every year in June, the Table Lodge is a ritualized event with a set dialogue and many (7) mandatory toasts. My intent in holding such an event is to celebrate the completion and the transition of one Masonic year to the next. My hope is that through its success, it will become, like the St. John’s Festive Board, both a traditional and honored event.

Fraternally, Wor. Roy Balfour Master