From the West


We are making a concerted effort to create a calendar of events to engage a larger segment of interests. Many have expressed our lack of a social calendar so, to that end, we are creating one. It is, however, up to you to search your interests and not only speak up, but get involved and take some action. Action comes in several forms: finding the time to attend; and also for you newer brothers take the lead in promoting and creating events!

This coming month and ensuing months we are going ot have a monthly “Men’s Night Out”. This February we are having an old movie night at the lodge. Bring wine or your favorite beverage and hors d’euovres. March will be a “Texas Hold’em” evening on Thursday 6 March, with home-made pizza at Joe’s place, MMMM.

The favor of a reply is requested. Plan ahead, mark your calendar, invite a friend and enjoy.

Joseph Tischler
Sr. Warden