From the South

Brethren, a wise man wrote: “Regarding love, there are two kinds of faithfulness: one is based on forever finding new things to love about the loved one; the other is based on our pride in being faithful.” The author of that maxim was contrasting being faithful in love because of continuing and expanding love, versus being faithful in love because of a sense of duty to be faithful. Can we apply this thought to our feelings about the Craft – our “loved one”? I’m sure each of us, if we had to choose, would much rather be in the first group, “forever finding new things to love” about Freemasonry, yet I would suggest we need not choose. To the Mason, I believe, his mind and heart can continue to explore and discover new beauties of the Craft at the same time that he feels a strong sense of duty to honor his obligations, and takes pride in doing so. I nonetheless must confess that I spend too little effort “finding new things to love” about Freemasonry, and this failing I hope to begin to remedy during this year. Furthermore, I hope also to repay amply the trust that has been reposed in me, as Junior Warden, by men I deeply respect. Our new Master is off to a great start; I look forward to helping implement his will and pleasure.

Jeffrey Conner
Jr. Warden