From The Secretary’s Table

It is almost dues notice time. The Senior Grand Warden has proposed an increase of $4.50 in the 2013/2014 Per Capita, bringing it up to a total of $36.50.

According to our new By-Laws, that means rounding to the next $5.00 which would mean $40.00. Our dues are $130.00 and $40.00 for per capita means our annual amount due is $170.00.

Just to put it in perspective, there are Lodges in the Valley that charge almost $400.00 in dues and per capita. Of course the proposal must pass at the Annual Communication. You can expect to see either $165.00 (this year’s total) or $170.00. So please do not be surprised.

The dues notices will be sent out late October. The annual payments are due by 31 December. Our Master-elect is counting on us to be prompt in our payments. Our Lodge programs and community service projects are dependent on the paying of our dues.

Please reserve December 14th on your calendars for the annual Weiss/Padfield Holiday party (6:00 P.M.). See the attached flyer for directions. All of the Conejo Valley Masonic organizations are invited. People wait in line for Art’s Egg Nog.

The collection date for the Midnight Mission will be the October Stated Meeting. The Midnight Mission will collect all the donations on November 3 at the Pasadena Scottish Rite. Please look around your house for any unused men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, toys, children’s books, and or cosmetics. They are needed by the Midnight Mission. The children’s books, toys and clothing may make a young person very happy on Christmas. Check again, let us make Wor. Lynn Wallingford have to borrow a truck to carry it all to Pasadena.

During the Thanksgiving holiday, please remember our men and women in our Armed Forces who are serving away from home to protect us. Keep them in your prayers.

Wor. Rees Padfield PM