From the Secretary’s Table

This is my first opportunity to greet the Brethren of Conejo Valley Masonic Lodge via the Secretary’s column in our Lodge Trestleboard.

At our May Stated meeting the names of 31 Brothers were read who had become delinquent in the payment of their dues for 2 or more years. Unfortunately, because they failed to meet their obligation to pay dues, they were suspended. This does not mean that they have been deleted from our rolls, it merely means that until these members bring their dues current, they will be unable to come to Lodge meetings, participate in our Lodge activities or visit another Lodge.

With this being said, I am encouraging all those Brothers who have not paid their dues for 2013 and 2014 to please contact either myself or Wor. Rees Padfield our Lodge Secretary so that we can let you know what your total financial obligation is as of this date. It is important that all members strive to pay dues as this is the primary income stream for the operation of the Lodge.
I look forward to seeing you in Lodge very soon.

Stephen M. Wurtzel
Assistant Secretary