From the Secretary’s Table

Brethren, tax time is approaching.  That means you should check and make sure you have paid your 2014 and any delinquent dues.  Your dues go to paying our bills like rent, candidate materials, cost of the Trestleboard, etc.   If you have not paid your 2013 dues, technically, you are delinquent and while you may attend the Lodge you may not ballot on new candidates or any resolutions that may come before the Lodge.  The Master has prepared a stunning new year.  We have a plethora of candidates awaiting their degrees as well as Entered Apprentices and Fellowcrafts awaiting further light.  It is important that the Brethren demonstrate unity and commitment.  That is best done by attending the degrees and showing your support. While the minutes reflect the number of Past Masters present to show their support, this year we are going to also mention the number of brothers attending the degrees.  In order to have a functional and interesting Trestleboard you need sign the Identification agreement so that we can publish your participation in Lodge activities.  Please see Stephen Wurtzel to get a copy of the agreement to sign.  While we will keep the hard copy, the Grand Lodge is also keeping a tabulation in I-Member.  The Trestleboard will be pretty dull if there are no pictures related to our events.  We can not even post a group picture without eveyone’s signature. So SIGN. Your personal information such as address or identifying numbers will not be given out other than for the officers who are listed in the Trestleboard.