From the Secretary’s Table

Brethren, it is my sad duty to inform you of the death of one of our Brothers. Brother Harold Byrd was called from labor on 22 December, 2013. He was raised in our Lodge on December 15, 1969. He is buried at the Riverside Veteran’s Cemetery located at Riverside California.

I thank all the Brothers who have paid their 2014 dues. If you have not yet paid, please do so as soon as possible. The Master’s approved agenda and programs for this year are dependent on your dues. The Lodge is going to have to suspend those in arrears to avoid having to pay per capita required by the Grand Lodge. If you are having difficulty in paying please call me or the Master or Wardens. We can assist you in many ways.

A new Grand Lodge ruling now requires the Lodge to have a hard copy on file and an electronic notation on i-member, which members of the Lodge have signed a formal release indicating their consent to having their picture, phone number, email address or mailing address released in the Trestleboard or present of social media like our website. The impact of this ruling is being evaluated but in the meantime, the Master has created a release form which all the Brothers will be asked to sign. We will honor those who prefer not to have such data in our public documents. At the moment, pictorial coverage of our degrees, social events will have to be thoroughly scrubbed.

As we begin our Masonic year, please make the commitment to attend our Degrees. While we pride ourselves on our degree work, it is equally important to have the Brothers present on the sidelines. It demonstrates to the candidate the importance of the degree, its meanings as well as showing that we are a vibrant and healthy lodge.

We will have musical entertainment for our Widows and Sweethearts dinner so please make your reservations early. As we look forward to St. Patrick’s Day, let us not forget the men women in our armed Forces whithersoever dispersed. Keep them in your prayers.

Rees Padfield, P.M.