Cypress Elementary School honored for Public Schools Month

Worshipful Master Scott Speigel and Secretary Steve Wurtzel, presented the on behalf on the lodge a donation of school supplies to the principal of Cypress Elementary.

In April every year, the Masons of California work together with local public schools and their community to help make a difference in public education. Each lodge throughout the state of California independently expresses their commitment to public schools.  This year, Conejo Valley Lodge donated boxes of school supplies chipped in for by the members to Cypress Elementary School.

Cypress Elementary School has a close history with Conejo Valley Lodge throughout the years. In early construction, the first stone that was set as the foundation and position of a building. In Freemasonry today, Cornerstone Ceremony’s have modernized to serve as a dedication to a prominent buildings in the community, like christening a ship. Many years ago, Jerry Michaelson P.M. of Conejo Valley Lodge conducted a Cornerstone Ceremony for Cypress Elementary School, and still today the cornerstone plaque is still prominently displayed on the wall at the school (below)