CHILD ID Event (May 4th)


We need your help!

One of the community services we provide, is to offer our Child ID program to young families in the area.  This is not only important for the community, but also creates an awareness of our Fraternity and the good we do in the area.

What we do is take digital Fingerprints and a Picture of the child. Print out an identification sheet containing those items that the Parents complete and keep for their own records. The process takes no more than 3 minutes and the family is on their way. We do not save any personal information because we collect none. The family completes the form when they get home. It is a Win Win for the family and for us also.

We need your help in just donating your time.. We are not asking for money just your time. This will also lend to satisfay some of the obligations we took becoming a Mason.

We encourage Entered Apprentices and Fellowcraft in addition to Master Masons to participate. You will spend a few hours with other brothers, many already Masons and take in the fresh air of the community.

Sunday May 4th
Healthy Kids Event

Willow Elementary School
29026 Laro Dr.
Agoura Hills

Available time slots
12 Noon to 3 PM
(we need 3 volunteers)

Please contact: Brother Don Dyer  or Brother Edwin

or fill in our Contact Form