Congratulations Right Worshipful Arthur H. Weiss

Grand Lodge of California Freemasons 2017

Right Worshipful Arthur H. Weiss
Jr. Grand Warden
of the Grand Lodge of California

Arthur H. Weiss has served as Master for Conejo Valley Lodge in 1991 and 2003, along with leading many other affiliated Masonic organizations with an impressive tenure. This year, he was elected and installed as the Junior Grand Warden for the Grand Lodge of California. Conejo Valley Lodge and it’s brothers are proud to support him as he continues his new journey with his wife Barbara for Grand Lodge 2017-2018.

According to Wikipedia, the third of the principal officers is the Junior Warden (JW) at the Grand Lodge level this is called the Junior Grand Warden. In the Blue Lodge, the Junior Warden supervises the lodge while it is “at refreshment”, which includes recess for meals or other social purposes. In some jurisdictions the Junior Warden has a particular responsibility for ensuring that visiting Masons are in possession of the necessary credentials. In others, this is the job of the Tyler. In some jurisdictions the Junior Warden presides if both the Master and the Senior Warden are absent. In some jurisdictions, the position is an elected office, while in others it is appointed by the Master. The Wardens are considered “regular officers” of the Lodge, meaning that the positions must be filled.