2014 Hiram Award

Conejo Valley Proudly presents Bro. Steve Wurtzel with the 2014 Hiram Award.

The Hiram Award is the single highest honor a California Mason may receive. It cannot be sought or applied for, but is awarded at the request of the individual’s Lodge, and bestowed by the Grand Lodge of California. The District Inspector makes the award presentation on behalf of the Grand Master.

The Hiram Award is an award presented to a Master Mason who has served the Lodge and the Masonic Fraternity with devotion over and above the ordinary. It is the highest honor (other than being Master of the Lodge) that can be bestowed on a member of a Masonic Lodge. The Hiram Award is not given for service as Master or any elected or appointed office or committee. The recipient is recognized by his brethren in Masonry for his service to the fraternity, because of his efforts to support one or more Masons, a Lodge or Lodges, a District, the Grand Lodge or the fraternity as a whole. It is a singular distinction, and indicates the esteem, respect and admiration of the members. A California Masonic Lodge may bestow a maximum of one Hyram Award each year.

Steve Wurtzel was raised as a Master Mason in February of 1969 in Mount Olive Lodge #506.

He was the first of his generation to join the Masonic Lodge. His father, both grandfathers, uncles and cousins were all members of Mount Olive. So many in fact that when his fraternal grandfather, Henry Wurtzel, received his third degree there was a family member in every officer’s chair in the Lodge.

Steve served as Jr. Steward, Senior Steward, and Jr. Deacon in Mt. Olive Lodge. Mount Olive Lodge was eventually consolidated with Zenith Lodge and then with Van Nuys Lodge #450 where he received his 25 year award. He has been a Mason for over 45 years.

In 1994 Steve affiliated with Southern California Lodge #529 where he served as the Marshall. In 2005 Steve at the suggestion of his son Michael, affiliated with Conejo Valley Lodge #807 where he has served as president of the Hall Association for 4 years. He is the current Secretary of Conejo Valley Lodge for the 2015 term.

Steve was the General Chairman of the Al Malaikah Shrine high school all star football game from 1994 to 2004. During that time under his guidance thousands of dollars were raised to support Shriner’s Hospitals for Children.

He graduated from UCLA in 1961 with a Bachelors of Science degree in business administration. He married his wife Sandra in 1963. They have 2 children Michael and Angela and one grandson Max. Steve and his family are big time UCLA Football and Basketball fans and have had season tickets since 1975.

Steve and Sandra started Hill Lithograph Company in 1972 where he handled the sales and production and Sandra is the vice president and company bookkeeper. The true small family business. After nearly 40 years in the business it was decided it was time to sell the printing equipment. Today he has a printing brokerage business and still serves his clients with their printing and large format graphic needs.

During his time as president of our Hall Association, he and our board have been able, with the help of his son Michael who is also a member of our Lodge to increase the revenues here by bringing in long term tenants and many party renters in our social hall.

This has allowed us to upgrade our facilities by adding an audio visual TV system and internet WIFI to our social hall, as well as paint and re-floor that facility and replace many of the appliances in our kitchen.

He and the board are now in the process of completing the budget and quotes on a much needed air conditioning and heating system upgrade for our Lodge Room.